Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mauser 7'' EP

So we plan on having the 7" out just before we leave for tour in December on Vinyl Rites. We are working on the art for the album, but haven't decided on anything, but we need to ASAP.

The 7" will be 6 of the 7 songs from the 2010 Summer Tour EP (which we are out of) remastered and pressed on vinyl.

We also hope to record new songs and the other song from the 2010 Summer Tour EP and release a short tape or maybe even a split soon (we'd love to before December) as well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter Tour 2010 and other stuff.

Our friend Jakke from Nerveskade is helping us out a shitload for our West Coast Tour in December. Here's a list of dates and cities, and we'll update as we go.

December 2010

7 - Seattle
8 - PDX - House Show w/ Peroxide, Ripper
9 - Arcata
10 - SF
11 - Oakland
12 - Isla Vista @ The Pink Mailbox
13 - Las Vegas
14 - Phoenix
15 - Tijuana
16 - LA
17 - San Diego
18 - LA
19 - Sacramento
20 - PDX @ Dunes - monday punk nights w/ Nerveskade, Bog People

We just got back from RVA and ATL for a couple of shows, 33 years of punx, and age/hellshock. Fucking insane weekend. Both the RVA and ATL shows were awesome. Finally got to play with Disable after talking about it for months on end. the 33 years party was out of control. FIGHTS EVERYWHERE! IT RULED! Ian from Perdition did an interview with us as well.

Also, Punk and Destroy just ordered our last tapes. FUCK YEAH!


Eventually I'd Like a Collection of our Flyers